Sandy, how did you discover your new family?
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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Sandy, how did you discover your new family?

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With at-home DNA testing kits being all the rage, folks from all over the world are discovering their genealogical roots and distant relatives– and maybe some not-so-distant relatives as well. In this week’s story, one woman discovers her mom’s secret, and some new family.

There are some things you can be certain of in life, like the widely-accepted, “death, taxes and election season TV commercials.” And until recently, I would have added “family” to that list: the deeply rooted family tree of parents, siblings, grandparents and other relatives who anchor you to your past.

Most people know a bit about their family history and they might even take it for granted. But nowadays, with DNA testing kits being all the rage, there are many people out there uncovering things about themselves and their families they never imagined. More and more of these stories are coming to light, thanks to advancing technology and curious people researching their roots. And my story is just one of them.

All my life I believed the family of four I grew up with was my flesh and blood. Children just don’t question that kind of thing. It wasn’t until I turned 70 years old that my family history - the actual DNA of my identity - came into question.

It all started on my 70th birthday when my son presented me with a test kit from one of those popular DNA analysis companies.  I think back to that little box, so harmless looking, and yet it would be the first domino in a chain reaction. And all the knowledge I thought I possessed about myself would go flying out the window.

It took a while for me to actually unbox the kit, follow the instructions, and send it away for analysis. I wonder now if maybe somewhere in the farthest recesses of my mind I sensed I was going to discover something I might not really want to know.

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