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We have several hundred questions you can choose from, and you can also write your own. Below are some of the questions from our library, simply refresh the page to see more!

What photograph do you most regret not taking when you had the opportunity?
Do you remember the best birthday cake you ever received?
What was one of the hardest things about growing up? How did you get through it?
What was an unusual compliment you once received, but really appreciated?
What qualities do you most value in your friends?
How did you get to school as a child?
What are your favorite musicians, bands or albums?
What are some of your special talents?
How did you choose what college to attend?
Did you date someone in college?
What store did you love to go to as a child?
What do you like most about your siblings?
What is one of your go-to stories, one you like telling over and over?
What is your most embarrassing family picture?
What Jewish traditions do you keep now that you live in the United States?
How do you feel your time in the military changed you as a person?
What is one of the most beautiful places you've ever been?
Have you ever found out something you wished you had never known?
What are your favorite Christmas traditions?
What was your Mom like when you were a child?

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