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Our questions

We have several hundred questions you can choose from, and you can also write your own. Below are some of the questions from our library, simply refresh the page to see more!

What were your grandparents like?
Did you write a thesis in college?
What does Memorial Day mean to you?
Are you superstitious? What are you superstitious about?
Tell me about a time you got in trouble at work.
What are the most important lessons you've learned in life?
What things do you think you cannot live without?
Do you prefer summer or winter?
What is one of the most memorable camping trips you've been on?
What is one of the most difficult things you've ever done? What was the outcome?
What sports did you like most as a child? Why?
How do you like to spend a lazy day?
How do you feel your time in the military changed you as a person?
Did you ever get lost as a child?
What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, either to cook or to eat?
How do you prefer to travel?
Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
What do you consider one of your greatest achievements in life?
When did you get your first car?
Did you play any sports in college?

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